Rallye Monte Carlo


Matchbox Lesney #15 Volkswagen 1500 Saloon ‘Rallye Monte Carlo’.

Made in England circa 1968.

This VW Beetle has a light cream body, cream interior, clear windows and ‘137’ decals on both doors.

The front bumper has a decal reading ‘Rallye Monte Carlo’ and the baseplate is silver.

In car is in near mint condition with very minor paint rubs.

The box is in mint condition.




Tomica Dandy F11 Volkswagen Beetle with Rolls Royce Grille.

Made in Japan in the 1970’s.

Scale: 1/43

This odd Beetle has a Rolls Royce bonnet and grille.

The car is in excellent condition in the original box.

The box is intact and in good condition with some crumpled plastic.


Flying Bug


Matchbox Lesney Superfast #11 ‘Flying Bug’.

Made in England circa 1973.

Scale: 1/64

This unusual VW Beetle has Superfast wheels, a silver baseplate and a ‘driver’.

The car is in excellent condition.
The silver helmet on the driver has some paint loss.
There is no box with this car.

I’m selling this fella HERE at DaWanda.


Dinky Delight


Rare Dinky No.181 VW Beetle.

Made in England circa 1954.

Scale: 1/43

Blue with silver wheels, white tires and black baseplate.

The car is in very good condition with some play wear and minor paint loss.
This model comes without a box.

Cop Car Coccinelle


Kado Tomica Dandy Volkswagen Belgian Police Car

Made in Japan circa early 1980’s.

Scale: 1/43

White with ‘Polite’ on the bonnet and roof. Blue light on top, black interior trim and opening doors. The bonnet opens up to reveal a spare tyre. Comes in the original box. The sticker on box reads ‘KT-14 Belgium’

The car is in near mint condition. There appears to be some price sticker residue on the baseplate.

The box is intact, in very good condition.